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Due to overwhelming demand E-Pharm has reintroduced the original AMP! The first, and still best, Geranamine® (1,3-dimethylamylamine) based fat burner ever

What is it: Pre-Workout Neuro-stimulant / Thermogenic Monster

What’s in it: Geranamine, Chocamine™, and Caffeine.

How does it work: AMP is specific, synergistic blend of 3 key components that provide aggressive results unlike any other product before.

Amp contains:
• Chocamine. Chocamine is the protein component in cocoa. Chocamine has been shown to be an effective appetite suppressant, potent CNS stimulant, lipolytic (fat mobilizer), and fatigue fighter.
• Geranamine (1,3-dimethylamylamine). Geranamine is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline). Like adrenaline, Geranamine is a powerful CNS stimulant, for added energy, increased clarity and a boost in physical performance, especially valuable to athletes during calorie restriction or when a high level of focus is needed. For fat loss, Geranamine works through a similar chemical pathway as ephedrine, causing a rise in cAMP, the chemical messenger that triggers fat release. Caffeine works in synergy with Chocamine, and Geranamine as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, and fatigue fighter. It also prolong the lipolytic effect of both of the other two active ingredients in AMP.
• Potent CNS stimulant, for increased energy, incredible mental focus and concentration, increased lipolysis by increasing the chemical messenger (cAMP) that triggers fatty acid release from adipose tissue.
• Increased physical performance
• Appetite suppression
• Improved mood, sense of well-being
• Adrenaline mimetic

Who will benefit from it: Dieters, athletes and mainstream fitness enthusiasts who are looking for increased concentration, focus, and mental clarity unmatched by a thermogenic / stimulant before.


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