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ClearShot Concentrate

What is it: - Clearshot is a next-generation energy drink with powerful neuro-stimulating and endurance enhancing properties.

What is in it: - GC Neuro-Stimulant Blend (Geranamineā„¢ + Caffeine), Citrulline Malate, Ginger-Derived Thermogenic Spice

How does it work: - Powered by Geranamineā„¢, the GC Neuro-Stimulant Blend produces a supercharged yet prolonged energy, which, when felt in combination with the intense thermogenic heat induced by Ginger- Derived Thermogenic Spice, produces an incredible feeling that must be felt to be believed. In addition, a solid 3 grams of Citrulline Malate is included to combat muscular fatigue, thereby increasing muscular endurance and recovery.

Who will benefit from it: - Anyone looking to increase performance, be it at the gym, at work, or out on the town.

When do I take it: - Drink one to two serving 10-15 minutes prior to when effects are desired.

What do you mean by concentrate? - I mean we took the original clearshot formula and made it 3 times as concentrated.  We then put it into 16 oz bottles so you get the equivalent of twenty-four 2oz servings in one bottle

How do I drink the concentrate? - That depends on how brave you are.  The three times concentrate is wicked hot and if you can handle that sort of thing you can drink it stratight.  You will be in for an awesome rush!  If spicy hot is not your thing then you can dilute one part clearshot concentrate with 2 parts water.  Just follow the directions on the bottle

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