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Q: I have a specific question about a product, where do I start?
A: Each product has a FAQ on common questions regarding the product. If you cannot find the answer there, please contact us at custserv@epharmnutrition.com

Q: How long does it take my order to ship?
A: In stock products ship Monday-Thursday 8 am-3 pm. You orders will ship within 24-48 business hours of order placement.

Q: Who can I ask about changes and questions about my order?
A: Please contact Customer Service at custserv@epharmnutrition.com.

Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: You may cancel your order at anytime before it is shipped. After shipment, your order cannot be canceled.  

Q: Does E-Pharm Nutrition accept returns?
A: We accept the return of items that are unopened with all seals intact.

Q: I am a distributor/retailer, who do I contact if I am interested in selling E-Pharm?
A: Please contact Customer Service at custserv@epharmnutrition.com for more information.

Q: Where can I buy E-Pharm products?
A: Check out the “Retail Partners” tab for stores, distributors and online locations to be E-Pharm products.

Q: What E-Pharm product should I use if fat loss is my goal?
A: We highly recommend Ursobolic and AMP. Read more about each product on the individual product pages. 

Q: I am an international customer. What countries do you ship to?
A: We ship to most countries internationally via United States Postal Service (USPS). If you do not see your country listed as an option please contact Customer Service.

Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. If you utilize a credit card for payment the charge will show up on your billing statement as “Savind, Inc.” or “Youth Addict.” We do not accept payment by check or money order.

Q: What E-Pharm product should I use if muscle building is my goal?
A: For increased muscle growth and vascularity we recommend several of our products for this use, including Pump Spray and TestForce2. Read more about use and science on the individual product pages.

Q: I am a woman. Are there any E-Pharm products I should not take?
A: Any E-Pharm product that encourages male hormones should not be used by women, unless directed by a doctor. This would specifically apply to the TestForce2 product.

Q: What is the contact information for SavInd, Inc and E-Pharm Nutrition?
A: SavInd, Inc. PO BOX 17036 Urbana, IL 61803. custserv@epharmnutrition.com. (217) 866-1072.

Q: Where are your products manufactured?
A: Our manufacturing plant is located in IL, USA

Q: Would it be okay for a tested athlete or military personnel to take E-Pharm products?
A: Tested athletes and military personnel should check with their governing body regarding the use of sports supplements.

Q: My sprayer is clogged and would barely spray.
A: To remedy this run warm water through the sprayer to dissolve any blockages. If you find you need replacement sprayers please contact SavInd Customer Service at custserv@epharmnutrition.com.