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Effective relief for chronic joint pain and inflammation

The most recent research has identified the major culprits behind chronic connective tissue myopathies (such as tendinitis / tendinosis) as a group of natural biochemicals known as pro-inflammatory cytokines.  E-Pharm Joint Force targets these destructive compounds and reduces their levels, thereby lowering catabolic inflammation so healing is allowed to take place.  E-Pharm Joint Force also contains ingredients designed to enhance connective tissue regeneration as well as provide an acute analgesic action.

Tested on elite professional athletes!
E-Pharm Joint Force is the result of a year of research and formulation upgrades.   With the help of feedback from elite athletes under close supervision we arrived at our present formula.  It is about as close to perfect as possible.

E-Pharm Joint Force is best for use in areas where the connective tissue discomfort is close to the surface of the skin.  Examples are knees, elbows (including both bicep and tricep tendons), upper shoulders, lower back, ankles, wrists etc.  A light coating of the spray should be applied once or twice a day.  To enhance effectiveness of the formula, the sprayed area may be wrapped in plastic (i.e. saran) wrap for one half hour after application.

E-Pharm Joint Force should be used for at least 3-6 weeks for maximum relief.  Continued use of the product can also help protect against injury reoccurrence.

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