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WTF is Pump Spray?

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Pump Spray - Arginine Ursolic Acid

Arginine ursolic acid is an enhanced version of a natural compound known as ursolic acid.   You may have never heard of ursolic acid before, but take my word for it when I tell you that it has more potential to change the way your body looks and functions  than any chemical compound available outside of drugs and hormones.  In fact, it has the potential to actuallyoutperform many of these drugs and hormones.   The key word here is potential.  For ursolic acid to really work – to unlock its potential – one needs to do a little chemical magic to it.  But before I explain all that in detail, let’s first briefly look at what ursolic acid is.

Ursolic Acid
Ursolic acid is found in many plants, fruits, and vegetables and it belongs to class of compounds called pentacyclic triterpene acids.

Pentacyclic Triterpene Acids Compound Structure

Ursolic acid has been studied for decades.  Scientists have known for quite some time that it has a wide variety of health benefits ranging from antioxidant potential and cancer prevention to protection against diabetes.  Scientists have also made intriguing findings regarding ursolic acid’s effects on fat metabolism and storage that seem to suggest the compound may be a dieter’s dream.   But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that research came out that really caught everyone’s eye.  Since then, two landmark papers have been published by a research team from a major American university and these papers have made ursolic acid front page headlines.

The papers showed that ursolic acid given to mice caused them to lose fat and gain muscle – not just a little bit, but a lot.   Their muscles produced much more of a growth factor known as IGF-1, and the levels of protein synthesis and storage were increased.  The ursolic acid mice could even eat more than other mice and they would still burn a lot more fat. This was due to their greater amounts of calorie burning muscle tissue as well as increased levels of a unique kind of metabolically active fat called brown fat.   Brown fat is full of an enzyme called UCP-1, and this enzyme burns calories and releases heat in a process known as thermogenesis (you may notice an increased body temperature after using Pump Spray due to this thermogenesis as well as due to peripheral vasodilation effects).

A very interesting aspect of ursolic acid is something that was hinted at in older researched and then confirmed by this latest research.  It has to do with increased production of endothelial nitric oxide. This is the nitric oxide that is produced in the blood vessels and causes them to expand and increase blood flow.   The research scientists also discovered that ursolic acid activated a substance called vascular endothelial growth factor-A.  This substance actually stimulates the production of new blood vessels.  New blood vessels are needed to support the metabolic needs of growing tissue such as muscle.   It is these effects on blood vessel physiology that are at the heart of the “pump” inducing and vascular enhancement properties of Pump Spray. 

How we made Ursolic Acid work
Straight up ursolic acid is strange stuff.  It dissolves very poorly in most fatty like solvents and it completely repels water (if you stick it in water it actually floats and stays completely dry).  These properties make it extremely poorly absorbed.  You see, for things to get absorbed they have to have some sort of solubility in either oil or water, and since ursolic acid is so poor in both regards the lion’s share of material just doesn’t  get where it needs to go.  This applies for both orally and topically applied ursolic acid.

So the challenge is to improve ursolic acid’s solubility characteristics such that it is able to be absorbed efficiently.  We used what is known as the “pro-drug” approach (in our case, the term “pro-nutrient” would be more applicable).  With this approach one alters the structure of the compound with hydrolysable functional groups in such a way that its chemical properties are improved.  A hydrolysable group is something like an ester, certain ethers, amides etc. that your body will be able to efficiently convert back into the parent compound once it has been absorbed. 

We took advantage of the chemistry of ursolic acid to add an acetate ester (forming ursolic acetate, which is itself actually a known natural derivative of ursolic acid).  However, esterification was not enough since although ursolic acid’s lipid solubility was greatly improved, it still suffered from poor aqueous solubility.  So we developed a method to link up the acid group of ursolic acid with the highly basic amino acid arginine.  Acids react with bases to form salts, and salts are have superior solublity in water compared to their parent acids.
The resulting compound – arginine ursolic acid – has remarkable solubility characteristics.  It dissolves fantastically in most organic solvents and disperses like soap in water.   Consequently, it absorbs and penetrates very effectively. 

Arginine Ursolic Acetate Compound Structure

When applied to the skin it absorbs rapidly and efficiently.   The end effect is the initiation of subcutaneous fat dissolution and vasodilation effects that over time lead to dramatic changes in muscular definition and fullness.   The benefits of ursolic acid can thusly be achieved in a manner that is impossible to match by any other means currently available.

Arginine ursolic acetate is but one half of the magic of Pump Spray.   The other half is triacetyladenosine. Together these ingredients in our special topical base will give you unbelievable fat burning, muscle pumping, and vascularizing  effects that you never thought possible from a natural supplement.

*Arginine ursolic acetate and other amino acid and amino acid derivative salts of ursolic acid esters are covered under a pending patent.



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