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When administering Pump Spray the goal is to cover up as much skin as possible.

  1. Starting with the legs, sprays are applied to the front and back of the calves followed by the front and back of the upper legs. The product may then be rubbed in to assure full coverage. Don’t forget the glutes and hips!
  2. The outside of the arms may then be sprayed, followed by the inside of the arms working down to the sides of the lats and midsection.
  3. The torso is an important area. Starting at the abs and working up towards the chest the spray is applied making sure all areas are hit.
  4. Don’t forget the neck and traps, and if you are flexible enough you might be able to hit some of your back as well.
  5. When done, giving the whole body a quick rub down is a great idea.
  6. Remember, it’s not about counting sprays. It’s about striving for full coverage of skin.
  7. Also remember that only a light coating is necessary – spraying the same spot multiple times is really just a waste of product.