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WTF is Pump Spray?

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WTF is Pump Spray? Pump Spray is a groundbreaking product from E-Pharm scientifically designed to give more ripped, fuller, and vascular looking muscles. Using ingredients known to produce vasodilation as well as neovascularization - growth of new blood vessels - the results are the appearance of larger veins as well as the promotion of increased capillary density to feed growing tissue. The ingredients in Pump Spray also are effective in reducing body fat, and promoting glucose uptake, so the overall effect on physique appearance is very impressive. We're calling it a topical muscle volumizing fat melter.

Pump Spray contains two never before seen natrually derived non-hormonal ingredients - Arginine Ursolic Acetate, and Triacetyladenosine. These patent pending ingredients are delivered using a topical cosmetic formulation and will produce noticeable changes to the physique - often within two weeks. The science supporting the power of these ingredients is formidable, so read more about Pump Spray then get yours today!


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