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Harvest the Physique Transforming Fruits of Genetic Technology

- Anti-Catabolic
- Muscle Builder
- Fat Burner
- Non-Hormonal
- Estrogen Control
- Safe and Natural

What is Ursobolic?
Ursobolic is an amazing body recompostioning agent that contains the active ingredient Ursolic acid.  Ursolic acid is a chemical compound found in many plants and it belongs to class of compounds called pentacyclic triterpene acids.

Ursobolic Chemical Structure

In June of 2011 a landmark paper was published in the prestigious journal Cellular Metabolism, and the research was performed by scientists from the University of Iowa.  In this paper they exploited techniques that involved gene technology to identify ursolic acid as a potent muscle builder and fat burner.  Ursolic acid was shown to block the muscle wasting caused by starvation and denervation (severing of the nerves to a muscle).  Ursolic acid was also shown to accelerate muscle growth by as much as 15% when fed to normal mice.  Interestingly, fat loss occurred simultaneously and at a rate practically inversely proportional to muscle gain.  It was almost as if fat was turning into muscle!

This potent ingredient has the potential to transform your physique even without a change in diet.  The researchers found that one of its main mechanisms is through enhancing the expression of muscular IGF-1 gene.   The local production of IGF-1 in muscle is perhaps the single most instrumental process in the muscle hypertrophy response as it initiates the key steps of satellite cell recruitment into new myonuclei and protein synthesis via the kinase Akt.

Ursolic acid shrinks fat cells.  It is believed that it achieves this by both enhancing lipolysis (fat burning) and blocking fatty acid synthesis.   It my also affect fat stores by blocking the cortisol activating enzyme 11b-HSD1.  With Ursobolic, the increased energy demands of simultaneous growing muscles will be fed by the body fat stores.

Interestingly, Ursolic acid has also been shown to be an effective blocker of the enzyme aromatase, so it has the potential to control estrogen production and maximize testosterone release.

What can I expect from Ursobolic?
First of all, Ursolic acid is not a bulking product.  Yes it builds muscle but it does not put massive amounts of weight on you.  This is because muscle growth will be accompanied by fat loss.  The scale may not change much but the mirror will reflect what is going on – a dramatic change in body composition.  You may experience a little bit of appetite suppression with Ursobolic as your body will be utilizing fat stores more efficiently for energy production.

Ursobolic is fat soluble so for maximum absorption it should be taken with meals that contain a little bit of fat.  The product is non-hormonal and safe, so it does not have to be cycled. 

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