Joint Force

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Spray-on joint relief like you’ve never experienced before! E-Pharm JointForce is a years worth of research, reformulations and testing by Elite athletes. This little bottle has the power to not only relieve chronic joint pain and decrease inflammation, but also prevent re-injury with continued use.

EPharm Joint Force is best for use in areas where the connective tissue discomfort is close to the skin’s surface. Examples are knees, elbows (including both bicep and tricep tendons), upper shoulders, lower back, ankles, wrists, etc. A light coating of the spray should be applied once or twice daily. To enhance effectiveness wrap the sprayed area in plastic (i.e. saran) wrap for half an hour after application.

EPharm JointForce should be used for at least three to six weeks for maximum relief. Continued use of the product can also help protect against injury reoccurrence.