E-Pharm Keto Salts

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Ketones are an energy substrate that is preferred by the brain and body. Biologically, ketones occur naturally in the human body during periods of fasting, starvation, carbohydrate depletion and/or prolonged exercise. Ketones provide benefits such as strong mental acuity, exercise endurance, metabolic energy and glucose sparing. With E-Pharm Keto Salts you do not have to be in a ketogenic state (ketosis) to benefit from the power of ketones! E-Pharm Keto Salts provides cost-effective ketone supplementation, in efficacious doses, that boosts blood ketone levels into therapeutic range. This product is unflavored ​and unsweetened ​and can be mixed with any flavored beverage to mask taste, or simply mixed with water. This product can be mixed up to 24 hours prior to consumption but the mixture should be shaken immediately prior to consuming. Some GI upset could occur with first dose but subsides with subsequent uses.