Pump Spray

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Pump Spray is a groundbreaking product from E-Pharm scientifically designed to promote more ripped, fuller, and vascular looking muscles. Using ingredients that produce a pumped vascular physique as well as growth of new blood vessels, PumpSpray can help you achieve a pumped appearance as well as more efficiently feed growing tissue. PumpSpray is a topical muscle volumizing fat melter. The ingredients in Pump Spray are not only effective at achieving vascularization but may also aid in reducing body fat, and promoting glucose uptake to provide energy, achieving an overall improvement on physique appearance and performance.

Pump Spray contains two naturally derived non-hormonal ingredients - Arginine Ursolic Acetate, and Triacetyladenosine. These patent pending ingredients will produce notable changes to the physique - often within two weeks. The science supporting the power of these ingredients is formidable, so read more about Pump Spray, then get yours today!

Apply Pump Spray over as much skin surface as possible, starting with legs and working up to midsection, chest, inside and outside of arms, neck, and as much of the back as can be reached. This will require approximately 40-60 sprays. Pump Spray must be used over the entire body for its effects to be maximized. It is not intended for localized effects.

Pump Spray should be used at least once a day. Suggested times of use are 15-45 minutes prior to exercise or after showering and drying off. If used twice a day, applications should be separated by at least 8 hours.